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How do you recognize high performers?

The well-known American researcher Angela Duckworth launched the concept of GRIT a few years ago. She believes that success in working life is created by the individual's passion for what they are interested in, combined with perseverance. To succeed, great focus is required, to be genuinely interested in your idea or project, to set long-term goals and be prepared to work hard. Being intelligent is not the most important thing.

Success depends instead on the individual's "fighting spirit", or "sisu". Crucial is the ability to stick to long-term goals and not give up. Perseverance plays a bigger role than talent. Truly successful are extremely determined, have the ability to recover quickly from failures and work hard to achieve their goals.

The most important success factors in today's working life are a combination of motivation, personality and responsibility. Even in our own research, we have seen that certain recurring characteristics have been crucial for success: Work motivated - the will to work and perform; Conscientious - how determined, focused and disciplined a person is; Emotionally stable - to be emotionally secure; Stress-tolerant - how stress-resistant the person is; Self-responsibile - to take responsibility for one's actions even in setbacks.

That is why we have now created a GRIT-test wich is now being launched. It is evidence-based, stable and accurate. The scientific work has been led by Professor Bo Ekehammar.

Our GRIT test takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is suitable for you who want a quick test, when you have many candidates and need a screening function to know which ones to prioritize to meet first. In addition, it is possible to supplement the GRIT test with a logical intelligence test for those who so wish.

The user-friendliness of our technical platform has developed considerably during the last year. There is now the possibility of making memory notes directly in the system. Good if you want to make your own notes or to be able to share information with others who are also involved in the recruitment. In addition, we can add various free text questions to the test, where you decide how the questions should be formulated. Good for you who, for example, want to know why the candidate is applying for your particular company.

So why not try our GRIT test for free for a month? Contact us at

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