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Psychometric services

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

The ability to hire and develop people creates success. We support our customers throughout the process from employment to employee development.

  • Group Analysis - Internal candidate analysis

  • AI Analysis - Advanced Group Analysis with the use of AI

  • Second Opinion - Let us do the job!

  • Tailored Tests - Tests based on your needs

  • Seminars - What is really success?

  • Training - Get certified

Our Services

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Tailored Tests

Our standards tests can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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We regularly hold popular seminars regarding prejudice, how to "cheat" tests and more.

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We regularly hold training courses related to our test and on psychometric's in general.

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Group Analysis

We identify what your best team members have in common to reduce sick leave, improve job satisfaction, reduce staff turnover and increase profitability.

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AI Analysis

This is similar to our service Group Analysis but here we let an Artificial Intelligence call the shots. Using advanced analytics we are able to more precisely identify the right candidates.

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Second Opinion

All our consultants are experienced recruiters. We offer help when it comes analyzing CV's, taking refernces and performing interviews.

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