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Our services

The ability to hire and develop people creates success.

We support our customers throughout the process from employment to employee development


Psychometrika was founded by scientists with an ambition to develop tests that actually help our clients recruit the right candidates. 

We help you find the right employee!


Our tests are based on modern research, which has strong research behind it through Professor Bo Ekehammar. The tests are adapted to different industries and roles and with our advanced tools for statistical analysis, we identify the best candidates and ensure our customers' success.

Using AI and Machine Learning we're taking recruitment to a whole other level...

Success is created by people

Our tests

We have a large number of tests for different applications. The tests are fitted based on industry and role. We use modern research to device our tests and apply Artificial Intelligence to asses results.

It is not just talent and personality that creates success!

How it works?

Let us show you

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